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Is your Balcony looking tired and worn, with cracked and deteriorated grout? Then you are probably due to re-grout your balcony. Re-grouting a balcony is beneficial as a preventative measure to repair your balcony BEFORE it starts to leak.

Thrifty Seal provides an all-inclusive repair and Epoxy re-grouting service to repair your leaking balcony or simply makeover your balcony, patio or terrace without the need of tile removal.

Balcony leak repair in Sydney
At Thrifty Seal we specialise in re-grouting and sealing balconies – we remove the current degraded materials and replace them with far superior products.

A leaking balcony can not only be unsightly but if left unrepaired it can cause major and expensive problems. Balcony leak repair in Sydney.

We are confident that a “Thrifty Seal” will rejuvenate your balcony and give it a fresh, and clean ‘new’ look – with no more leaks! Seal your balcony tiles and stop water leaking.

All our jobs start with a free inspection and quote with a written report outlining the solution to repair your leaking balcony. Thrifty Seal re-grouts leaking balconies Sydney wide. Once you book in your FREE ONSITE QUOTE, Thrifty Seal will come to your home and give you an on-the-spot assessment and price with no hidden extras.

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