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    Don't pay up to $1000 to fix a leaking shower

    We specialise in repairing leaking showers and balconies by using quality materials.

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    We won't be beaten on price.

    Thrifty Seal guarantee to be the cheapest way to fix your leak! First rate workmanship at the cheapest possible price!

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    Don't pay for a service you don't need to fix a leak

    In many cases a leaking shower or balcony can be sealed without the need or cost of the full service our competitors will quote you.

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    Simple jobs we can do on the spot.

    Our team is fully insured and licensed to undertake repairs as simple as a silicone strip to a full bathroom renovation.

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    All calls answered immediately! Customer Service is our priority
    Free onsite assessment & only charge for what repair is needed
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    • Leaking Shower
    • Leaking Balcony
    • Mouldy Silicone
    • Cracked/Missing Grout
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    • Shower Sealed
    • Balcony Repaired
    • Health Hazard Removed
    • Thrifty Repaired
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